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Veteran faces possible deportation after legal woes

Family and supporters are rallying around a veteran who may soon face deportation. The former Army soldier has had legal troubles that have resulted in jail time, and immigration officials are in the midst of pursuing deportation. Cases such as this have started a dialogue about veterans who are also immigrants. Should vets, whether from Maryland or another state, be subject to deportation despite their service to the country?

Deportation of brother could affect kidney transplant

The deportation process can impact families in a wide varieties of ways. In one unique case, a woman's kidney transplant may hinge on whether or not her brother gets deported. A guilty plea to a burglary charge opened the door to deportation for the man, as it can also lead to the deportation of any Maryland family member looking to stay with legal family members in the United States.

Man faces deportation after guilty plea for theft

Convictions for certain crimes can lead to deportation. Even if a person is urged to plead guilty as a means of staying out of jail or accepting minimal consequences for a crime he or she claims to have not committed, any plea of guilty to a felony can open the door to deportation. Anyone in Maryland who is or has a loved one wrapped up in the legal system may want to learn more about the plight of a 21-year-old man currently facing deportation.

Man adopted as child fights deportation

According to current law, anyone adopted and brought to the United States is automatically a U.S. citizen. However, that law wasn't always the case and is not retroactive for those brought over and adopted before the law was enacted. For one man adopted at age three and brought to the United States, this could mean a possible deportation. Anyone in Maryland who was the subject of an international adoption may want to follow the case.

Skier receives stay and won't face deportation just yet

The immigration process can be difficult under any circumstances. When a couple marries and one person's status is in question, deportation can be an issue if everything isn't aligned correctly. After facing trouble with the legal system, a skier was at risk of being deported but now has a stay, which means she can remain here for another 12 months. Anyone in Maryland who is in the midst of a deportation may be interested in why the woman was given a stay and why deportation was a possibility.

Community rallies to fight deportation of pastor

When a person enters the country illegally, being arrested for any crime can alert authorities to that person's undocumented status. Certain crimes in Maryland can lead to deportation even for those who may be in the middle of the process of trying to stay in the United States. For one man, turning his life around and becoming a pastor may not be enough to fight a deportation that is pending because of criminal convictions that occurred years ago.

Mother of two fights deportation by staying in church

When faced with deportation, some people seek sanctuaries as they await decisions about their cases. One place some people trying to avoid deportation turn to is the church. Anyone in Maryland who faces deportation may be interested in the plight of a mother of two who has taken up residence in a church in another state in hopes of avoiding deportation.

Man goes public about possible deportation

The deportation process can be time-consuming and very stressful for the person involved, family, friends and even an employer that has to wait and see if it will lose an employee. There are times when that wait can last for years. Maryland immigrants may have to wait years for a hearing or may even be detained while the deportation process plays out. For one man employed by a radio station, going public with his deportation ordeal and long wait for a resolution has given him some relief from the constant worry.

Criminal charges can lead to deportation in Maryland

The average citizen may have a relatively minor brush with the law and pay the consequences without any long-lasting or highly disruptive after-effects, depending on the infraction of course. A legal situation may pose a very different outcome, however, for a person in Maryland who has a green card and gets into trouble with the law. There are a number of crimes that can actually lead to deportation for a person who is not a citizen.

Woman seeks asylum in church to avoid deportation

When someone is facing a possible deportation, that person may not know where to turn or exactly what rights he or she may have under the current immigration laws. Recently, a few people have made news as they sought out ways to avoid deportation by seeking asylum in houses of worship. Anyone in Maryland who fears deportation or is curious about the timeline and specifics of the process may want to follow the story of a woman who has been living in a church while supporters fight to keep her here.

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