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Employment-based immigration can depend on job field

The longing to move to this country and contribute is a dream shared by many. For those in certain professional fields, employment-based immigration may be one way to contribute to society while staying in the United States. The professional fields prevalent in Maryland make it the ideal place for those wishing to live and work here on a long-term basis, especially if they are involved in the medical field.

It is important to understand employment-based immigration

The role immigrants have played in American society is widely known to be part of the reason the country has had the success and innovative breakthroughs for which it has always been known. One reason this is possible is employment-based immigration. Any professional with exceptional abilities who wishes to inquire about ways to stay in Maryland and contribute to society in some measurable way may want to learn more about the facts of employment-based immigration.

Employment-based immigration a national issue

Immigrants from across the globe head to the United States for a variety of reasons. For some, the desire to escape political unrest in their home country leads the charge, while for others, the opportunities for better employment or employment training is cause to make such a big move. Employment-based immigration has been a primary cause for immigration for quite some time, but gaining proper documentation to attain certain jobs is proving difficult to do. Current bills being floated around the House and Senate could help immigrants in Maryland and across the country gain access to the visas required to legally seek gainful employment.

Congress eyeing skilled workers to boost economy

The proposed immigration reform is based largely on making the road to citizenship easier for skilled professionals that have advanced education degrees in the fields of math and science. Many members of congress hope that bringing more skilled workers into the country will give the economy a much need boost in the right direction.

Migrant workers often fear reporting injuries, unsafe conditions

Unfortunately, many individuals that come to America as a migrant worker will work a low-wage job in an environment more susceptible to injury. Very often low-wage workers have their rights violated, and their safety compromised as companies look to save money and cut corners on safety. However, there is a complexity added to being both a migrant worker and a low-wage worker that leaves these employees further vulnerable.

Some immigrants that could create U.S. jobs are pushed out

We have posted on multiple occasions about the difficulties that high-skilled workers that are hoping to work in the U.S. face in securing citizenship. The most common visa granted for a worker is the EB-3 visa. However, there are different visas available for a variety of professionals looking to live and work in the United States, but it can be a challenging and complex process.

Talk of immigration reform in Washington D.C. ignites hope

There is no reason that the American dream is something that should only be attainable to those that are born in the United States. Working for a goal and seeing the fruits of its labors are ambitions shared by many in the world.

Advocates travel to Washington D.C. in defense of skilled workers

A few weeks ago we posted about the plight of a highly educated Nigerian student struggling to successfully secure a H-1B, which is a visa for highly-skilled workers. Unfortunately, this plight is not unique to this man as many students that are in the United States to obtain an education fear that they will be made to leave the country when their schooling is complete.

Assistant professor successfully secures green card

There are a number of individuals that currently work and live in Washington, D.C. thanks to a temporary worker visa. A man that exactly fit this description came to the United States eight years ago from Germany as a genomics researcher with high hopes of landing a tenure-track academic position.

Washington's EB-5 green card program comes under scrutiny

There are many ways for an immigrant to obtain a green card. But one way is restricted only to immigrants who are prepared to invest substantial sums of money in job-producing projects in the United States. It is called the EB-5 program after the class of visas that immigrants can earn under it. While the EB-5 program is booming and is slated for aggressive expansion, questions remain about how fairly it treats investing immigrants.

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