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Immigration law concerning investor visa under fire

There are multiple pathways for immigrants to receive a green card, including a EB-5 visa, commonly known as an investor visa. This type of visa is an option for foreign investors who wish to come to Maryland or another state to build or develop industries and businesses here in the United States. While touted as a way to create jobs and develop certain areas, others are protesting the investor visa because they are concerned with current immigration law provisions and the jobs that are created as a result.

Woman and daughter ordered returned after deportation

Being deported is perhaps one of the biggest fears of any person held in an immigration detention facility. Once deportation actually takes place, returning to Maryland or any other state may seem like an impossibility. Yet, for one mother and daughter, deportation led to a court order to have the pair returned to the United States.

Immigration law limbo affects farmers and immigrants in Northeast

The farm industry is integral to the economy of most states, and immigrant labor plays a large role in the success of farming. Farmers in Maryland and other states may be reeling from the uncertainty of immigration law reform as they try to protect their workers and ensure an adequate workforce is available to keep their farms up and running. One farmer in particular fears for the future of his farm as the yogurt industry has increased demand and the immigration situation has put his workforce at risk for deportation.

Immigration law in Maryland encompasses family and work issues

When people think about immigration law issues, they may simply think about a single person wanting to come to the United States to live. However, immigration law services can encompass a wide range of issues and help both individuals and families. For those in Maryland who are dealing with or inquiring about employment opportunities as an immigrant or trying to get family here legally, knowing the different types of programs and legal resources available is important.

Man pleads not guilty to immigration law violations

The process of entering the country can be long and complicated. Whether someone is granted asylum or granted a permanent resident card can hinge on their activities in their home country, namely if there are any criminal activities to be concerned with. Recently, a man from Bosnia, who entered the United States in 1998, was alleged to have broken immigration law by not disclosing important information about his past. Maryland readers may be interested in following the story.

Groups passionate about immigration law turn up heat

More and more groups are making news and making waves as they become vocal advocates for immigration reform. The topic of immigration law reforms has been on the table for some time and these collective groups and individuals are engaging in movements all around the country as a means of keeping the issue in the forefront of government leaders' minds. Anyone who may be impacted by immigration law reform in Maryland or elsewhere may want to keep up to date on pending reforms as well as what is happening to make more reform a possibility.

Immigration law and deportation at forefront in Maryland news

Comprehensive immigration law reform is currently stalled at a national level. However, this has not stopped groups from applying pressure on government officials to address various components of immigration law reform. Any Maryland resident or family member who is facing deportation or has recently had a loved one deported may be interested in the recent calls pressuring the White House to do more to halt deportations.

Immigration procedures could lead to student's deportation

Whenever someone is in the country on a student visa, there are certain time frames and criteria that must be met. Also, certain hospital and immigration procedures can lead to deportation straight from a hospital back to a home country. Any Maryland immigrants here on a student visa may want to learn more about the status of a man from Pakistan who is comatose and at risk of being deported.

Lawmakers express thoughts on immigration law reform

Despite there being clear evidence and feelings by the populace that there needs to be some form of immigration law reform, lawmakers have recently commented that it doesn't look like any action will take place soon. Immigration law and the reforms most agree are needed may just take the back seat again as the year comes to a close. Maryland immigrants and their families who may be waiting on the edge of their seat for immigration law reform to take center stage may want to follow the comments of individual lawmakers.

Immigration law reform advocates renew fight for reform

The recent government shutdown has caused many areas of potential reform and legislation to be placed on the back burner. However, advocates who have been fighting for immigration law reform for a number of years have vowed to see action taken despite delays due to the federal government shutdown. While adversaries on many other issues, there appears to be support for immigration law reform from all sides in Maryland and across the country.

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