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Understanding Asylum, Temporary Protected Status & NACARA

Many people who come into the United States are leaving countries where they are subject to persecution or threatened by wars or natural disasters. U.S. immigration law includes several options for people facing these sorts of situations.

At the immigration law firm of Yeager & Etkind, we help clients understand and pursue their options for asylum and removal relief. With offices in Rockville, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., we serve clients throughout the region. Contact us at 202-828-0750 or 301-340-2111 to discuss your case with an experienced immigration lawyer.

Avoiding Persecution in Your Home Country

If you are fleeing your home country due to persecution, you may be eligible to seek asylum in the United States. Normally, an asylum application must be filed within one year of your arrival in the country as a refugee. The following are among the most common grounds for asylum:

  • Membership in a persecuted religious group
  • Persecution on the basis of race or gender
  • Political activities or beliefs subject to persecution

Our firm understands how important it is to avoid returning to a country where you are likely to be mistreated, and we have the experience to guide you through the process of seeking asylum or temporary protective status in the United States.

Helping People Fleeing Wars and Natural Disasters

People from certain countries may have additional options for improving their immigration status or avoiding deportation if they are caught in the country illegally.

Temporary protected status (TPS) applies to countries designated by the Department of Homeland Security as war zones or disaster areas. The Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) provides people from certain countries with both a defense against removal and an avenue for applying for permanent resident green cards.

To learn more about your options under U.S. asylum, TPS and NACARA laws, contact us to speak with an experienced immigration attorney.