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Ignoring deportation order, President’s uncle faces charges

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2011 | U.S. Immigration Law |

For some politicians, the media fodder isn’t about their personal shortcomings, but instead problems of various members of their family. Recently, President Obama’s uncle has captured the attention of various media outlets. The uncle was arrested on a drunken driving charge in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Although the President may be embarrassed about the negative attention his family is receiving — it is the 67-year-old uncle who is in serious trouble as he is once again subject to deportation. As a matter of fact, the President’s aunt has also made the front page for charges pertaining to illegal immigration just last year. Subsequently she managed to become a legal immigrant through the asylum-seeker process.

The revelations have caused a firestorm of commentary, both supportive and adverse. An immigration lawyer has expressed understanding of the defendant’s circumstances, explaining some illegal aliens are “just not — able to leave” because “they feel their life is going to be in danger,” while the Federation for American Immigration Reform has called Immigration Law “a mockery” because illegal immigrants “can drag things out endlessly on appeal.” Very likely, Obama’s uncle’s goal now is to match his sister’s achievement and become a legal immigrant. Interestingly, he already has a social security number, proof of residence and a driver’s license.

The uncle’s first challenge will probably be to avoid a long detainment period that often precedes deportation, followed by trying to fight the actual deportation itself.

Though he had allegedly told the arresting police officers, “I think I will call the White House,” in reality he cannot expect much more than moral support from his nephew and his many constituents in the District of Columbia. He will likely be advised to seek aid from legal professionals who practice immigrant rights and have the experience to fight deportation and detainment– which is where the uncle may end up. This type of counsel specializes in fighting tooth and nail to prevent clients from being deported and can help put them on the track to legal immigration.

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