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Man faces deportation after entering with false passport

Many people seek refuge in the United States for a variety of reasons. However, there are times when individuals enter the country as a means of avoiding criminal charges related to incidents in another country. One man has made news recently as his deportation looms and questions about his past come to the surface. Anyone in Maryland concerned about past offenses and the likelihood of deportation may be interested in the case.

Family-based green card option can help Maryland families unite

Family relationships are important across virtually every culture of the world. When family members migrate to the United States, those family members may wish to have other family join them here and go through the immigration process, so as to be reunited in this country. For many Maryland families, a family-based green card may be the best way to reunite and venture toward the pathway to citizenship.

Several factors may hold up naturalization in Maryland

The immigration process may prove overwhelming and confusing for some, particularly if English isn't someone's first language. The path to naturalization may be time-consuming but rewarding in itself. However, it should be noted that there are several factors that may hold up or lead to the denial of a naturalization application. Anyone in Maryland hoping for eventual naturalization may want to be aware of those factors and how they may affect one's specific case.

Man goes public about possible deportation

The deportation process can be time-consuming and very stressful for the person involved, family, friends and even an employer that has to wait and see if it will lose an employee. There are times when that wait can last for years. Maryland immigrants may have to wait years for a hearing or may even be detained while the deportation process plays out. For one man employed by a radio station, going public with his deportation ordeal and long wait for a resolution has given him some relief from the constant worry.

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