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March 2012 Archives

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Washington's EB-5 green card program comes under scrutiny

There are many ways for an immigrant to obtain a green card. But one way is restricted only to immigrants who are prepared to invest substantial sums of money in job-producing projects in the United States. It is called the EB-5 program after the class of visas that immigrants can earn under it. While the EB-5 program is booming and is slated for aggressive expansion, questions remain about how fairly it treats investing immigrants.

Court of Appeals rules in favor of immigrants in housing case

Residents of Washington may be interested in a decision rendered this week by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals because the case could potentially make its way to the Supreme Court. The decision concerns an immigration law passed by one city within the Circuit, which comprises three states in the south-central portion of the country.

Supreme Court allows deportation for certain tax crimes

Lawful residents of Maryland and every state can be deported for committing what are called "aggravated felonies." That term sounds serious because at one time it applied to a select few high-profile charges, such as drug crimes and murder. Its reach has gradually grown to encompass other crimes, and last month the Supreme Court added another: tax fraud.

Washington mulls immigration law change that would aid families

Throughout its history, immigrants have looked to the United States as a beacon of hope and a land of opportunity. Many people are attracted by the promise that their hard work will be rewarded, while others seek to escape the violence of their native countries. There are many heartwarming stories about immigrant families doing well in the United States, but there are also many sad tales about families torn apart and separated by immigration law.

Government settles immigration suit alleging rights violations

The news media has reportedly extensively on the government's increased efforts to find and deport illegal immigrants with criminal records. But those in Washington were dealt a blow when the government agreed to settle an immigration case brought by a Yale Law School clinic on behalf of immigrants captured in a 2007 raid. The lawsuit fought the immigrants' deportation by alleging constitutional violations.

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