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July 2013 Archives

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New app may help those seeking U.S. citizenship in Maryland

Yes, there's an app for that. This phrase seems to be everywhere as more and more people adopt a mobile lifestyle and rely on their smart phones for knowledge and answers with the swipe of a finger. For those who are in Maryland and seeking U.S. citizenship, their smart phones and a new app may help make the path a little easier.

Worker faces deportation over employment complaint

It is not uncommon or unlawful for a worker to speak up or complain about what they feel may be unfair work practices, such as wage disputes. However, if a worker is undocumented or working in Maryland or elsewhere in the country illegally, complaining or speaking up may be more complicated and can carry serious repercussions. In fact, for one worker who has spoken out about what he deems unfair, deportation could be in his future.

Woman set for deportation gets permission to stay longer

Being involved in any kind of criminal court case can bring one's immigration status front and center. A recent case of a witness who may have seen a fatal incident and the extension of her time in the United States points to how quickly one's deportation status can change. Any Maryland immigrant who may be a witness or involved in a criminal court proceeding may want to follow this particular case.

Man's deportation arranged while he is comatose

Whenever anyone has a medical emergency and is admitted to a hospital in the United States, they typically expect to still be in the United States when they wake up and begin to recover. However, one man recently went into the hospital and woke up after his deportation to the country he hasn't lived in for 30 years. Anyone in Maryland who is undocumented or has any issues with their citizenship should follow the story of this gentleman, especially if they have any kind of health issues.

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