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January 2014 Archives

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Justin Bieber arrest opens door to deportation debate

Deportations have been in the news a lot lately as immigration reform appears to have stalled for the time being. However, the high profile arrest of Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has elevated the debate about deportation in the news. Bieber was arrested for DUI after allegedly admitting to drinking, smoking marijuana and using prescription drugs when being questioned by police for drag racing. Any Maryland immigrant or family member who has been arrested for a crime and wants to know how an arrest may affect any move toward deportation may be interested in how the Bieber case plays out.

Innovative ways to secure a green card by investing 500K

With national immigration reform on hold in Congress, some may think new innovations in ways to facilitate citizenship or access to a green card just aren't taking place. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Despite the stalling of immigration reform, there are moves being implemented that can help those seeking to obtain a green card. Anyone in Maryland concerned about green card status may want to follow these reports about programs they may not have realized were out there.

Family deals with deportation of patriarch

Cases involving deportation and amnesty can be complicated and also take years to be resolved. One man, who came to the United States from Guatemala, had to contend with deportation recently, and his family is left behind to live in this country without him. Anyone in Maryland who has any legal issues pertaining to asylum or deportation may want to follow the results of his case.

Family immigration issues may tear family apart

Whenever there is the threat of deportation in the near future, a family may see their entire dynamic altered. Family immigration issues have been in the news recently as the federal government pushes back reform measures. Any Maryland families affected by deportation or worried about family immigration issues may want to follow current stories of how families are being affected by immigration laws as they relate to deportations.

Drop in deportation rates are attributed to various factors

According to legislators, the move to enact immigration reform may not be taken up by lawmakers for some time yet. However, proponents of decreasing the rates of deportation incidents in the United States may find some relief in the latest numbers of deportation statistics released recently. Any Maryland immigrants or family members may want to follow how deportations are being handled across the country and the status of any immigration reform that may be forthcoming.

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