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November 2014 Archives

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It is important to know green card differences

When it comes to getting a green card, not every type of green card is the same, just as not every person waiting for a green card is the same. There are different types and categories, and it is important to understand those differences whenever a potential applicant or an employer wants to obtain one. Anyone in Maryland looking to gain a green card so as to work in this country should find out all they can about which type may be the one for which they are qualified to pursue.

Current status can determine chance of deportation

The immigration process can be confusing for anyone, especially when English is not someone's first language. Anyone in Maryland who is concerned with immigration law may want to be keenly aware of his or her legal status at all times, and also aware of any family member's current status. Not being fully aware of a current status or rights and protections under the law can lead to the possibility of the deportation of a loved one.

Young man facing deportation fights to stay

The immigration process can prove difficult to understand, especially for those who are unsure of where they stand legally and what programs for which they may qualify. For children who came to the United States illegally, deportation as an adult is a possibility. This is particularly true if there are legal issues or convictions for certain crimes. Anyone in Maryland who came to the United States as a child may want to follow the plight of a young man who may be deported soon.

Woman may avoid deportation as case gets second look

Most people understand that being convicted of certain crimes can lead to deportation. However, it may come as a surprise to some to realize that by cooperating with officials to help obtain a conviction, one may be able to avoid deportation. With the help of advocates and a judge willing to reopen a case, a Mexican woman may now be able to avoid deportation. Anyone in Maryland who fears deportation and is involved in any kind of court case may be interested in her plight.

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