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August 2012 Archives

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Deportation divides many immigrant families, study shows

Most people in Maryland learned in civics class that children born in the U.S. automatically become citizens. But if their parents are immigrants without proper documentation, this sharp distinction between citizen-child and immigrant parent can lead to the division of families. According to information culled from the Freedom of Information Act and compiled by the Applied Research Center, during the first six months of 2011 alone, immigration authorities deported over 46,000 undocumented parents of children born in this country.

Adopted immigrant fights to remain in country, seeks residency

In prior posts we have noted the complex nature of immigration laws. Those in the country on visas, those seeking green cards and those applying for U.S. citizenship must navigate an often dizzying maze of federal rules and regulations. Being unaware of any of these laws can have a significant harmful effect on one's immigration status. For example, take the case of one young immigrant woman.

Immigrants can start applying to deferred action program today

In the past couple of months, we have talked about President Obama's executive order that opens the door for certain illegal immigrants to obtain a work permit and be free from deportation for a period of two years. Today's date is important because interested immigrants in Maryland, Virginia and around the country may now begin to submit their applications for the deferred action program.

Legislatures reduce immigration bills in early 2012

Much has already been written on the wide-ranging effect of the Supreme Court's decision in the Arizona immigration case earlier this summer. While the majority opinion declared three of the law's four provisions unconstitutional and left the door open to challenges to the fourth, the pendency of the ruling may have had other consequences, including a chilling effect on the number of immigration bills drafted and passed by state legislatures in the first half of 2012.

Five-year battle for citizenship ends for D.C.-area Muslim man

It has not been an easy row to hoe for Muslims in the United States. Despite the tenets of religious and individual freedom that are enshrined in the Constitution, there's a lot of bias in grassroots society. This likely comes as no surprise to readers, even in as cosmopolitan an area as Washington, D.C., and its surrounding suburbs.

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