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May 2016 Archives

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Immigrants applying for citizenship before election

Many immigrants in Maryland are following the U.S. presidential election just as closely as U.S. citizens. The comments that presidential candidates have made about immigration law may be of particular interest to people with a lot of family members who live in the U.S. illegally or have plans to immigrate to the U.S.

Federal lawmakers want more H-2B visas

Some immigrants come to states like Maryland on H-2B guest worker visas. The program allows a maximum three-year stay in the United States for foreign nationals who are willing to work low-wage jobs in certain industries. Federal lawmakers are currently working to expand the H-2B program so that businesses can hire more foreign workers.

New proposal in so-called sanctuary city

Many Maryland residents have likely heard about the controversy regarding so-called sanctuary cities in the past year. The immigration controversy came to a forefront last year following the death of a woman in San Francisco when she was shot while she was walking on a pier there.

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