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December 2013 Archives

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Avoiding deportation a concern for Maryland immigrants

For the roughly 11 million illegal aliens in the United States, the constant threat of being deported is one that affects every aspect of their lives. For the families and friends of those who live and work in Maryland and elsewhere without legal documentation, deportation is one of the biggest fears they have. While the United States Government lingers and debates the details of immigration reform, a new survey sheds light on exactly what immigrants and their families are mostly concerned about.

Beauty pageant winner gets visa, possible green card to come?

Any part of the immigration process can be complicated and time-consuming. In order to be granted a visa or green card, those seeking these documents in Maryland or in any other state must go through a specific process. The ability to remain in and work in the United States hinges on the granting of a visa and possibly a green card to stay. Even a beauty pageant winner who needs to travel and work in this country has found a visa is necessary to make it all happen.

Woman's deportation delayed as ICE agrees to review file

Anytime there is the threat or order of deportation, the process isn't necessarily smooth or quick for the people involved. The legal process and timeline can actually vary greatly depending on the circumstances of the case. Any Maryland parent facing a pending deportation or who has a family member in the middle of the deportation process may want to follow the story of a mom whose case has been delayed.

Ruling saves man from deportation

For those who come to the United States from elsewhere, they may feel a constant weight on their shoulders if there is any question as to their immigration status. They could live here for decades, working and raising families, only to find themselves in the situation where deportation is a reality with little to no warning. Any Maryland resident who has questions about their own status or fears the consequences of deportation or themselves or a loved one may want to follow the story of a man who recently fought deportation.

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