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February 2013 Archives

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Maryland may allow driver's licenses for undocumented individuals

The United States is comprised of a blend of individuals from varying backgrounds. Some of these individuals were born in the United States, and some immigrated here. Regardless of which country an individual was born in, all of us play an important role in shaping the United States. Unfortunately, the process for gaining citizenship for immigrants can be difficult in many instances.

Some immigrants that could create U.S. jobs are pushed out

We have posted on multiple occasions about the difficulties that high-skilled workers that are hoping to work in the U.S. face in securing citizenship. The most common visa granted for a worker is the EB-3 visa. However, there are different visas available for a variety of professionals looking to live and work in the United States, but it can be a challenging and complex process.

Talk of immigration reform in Washington D.C. ignites hope

There is no reason that the American dream is something that should only be attainable to those that are born in the United States. Working for a goal and seeing the fruits of its labors are ambitions shared by many in the world.

New Marine becomes new U.S. citizen

The mother of a new Marine wiped tears from her eyes and described the overwhelming sense of joy she was experiencing after watching her 18-year-old, Italian born son take the Oath of Allegiance after he finished boot camp recently. The family immigrated to the United States 15 years ago in pursuit of better opportunity and circumstances, a story familiar for many immigrants.

Maryland court case to impact bail opportunity of some immigrants

Unfortunately, being charged with a crime when an individual is a citizen can be very different from being charged with a crime when a charged individual is not a U.S. citizen. Those that have visas or green cards and are charged with crimes can face a more complex mix of court proceedings in Maryland.

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