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October 2011 Archives

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Group rallies against immigration law change

Many people who follow immigration issues may be aware of a program managed by Homeland Security called the Secure Communities program. The program requires the FBI to share fingerprints and records of those convicted of crimes with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Indeed, each time an individual is booked into a jail; his or her fingerprints are required to be checked against national databases maintained by the FBI and ICE. The District of Columbia rejected the program a year ago, but a change to immigration law has made the program mandatory.

Listen up Washington: Immigration law subject of massive march

Immigration law may be confusing to some people, but that did not stop over 100,000 people from joining a recent immigration drive aimed at leaders in Washington D.C. The drive was founded by Pulitzer prize-winner Jose Antonio Vargas. Under current immigration law, Vargas (a Filipino) is considered an illegal immigrant.

Work visa limitations threatens fruit and vegetable crops

It is not likely that Rockville readers think about immigration every time they go to the grocery store. The fact is, however, that growers in the southern states depend on immigrant workers to get their produce out of the fields and into supermarkets. It is a system that has been put in danger by recent efforts to enforceimmigration laws and crack down on the employment of workers who do not have the proper paperwork.

"Dream Team" fights deportation, protests immigration unfairness

Undocumented immigrant students right here in Montgomery County, MD and elsewhere in the nation, have figured out a new way to fight deportation; by openly admitting their status, demonstrating against unfair immigration practices and essentially daring the government to do something about it.

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