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January 2012 Archives

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New immigration rules yield inconsistent results

In a recent post we discussed a change in immigration policy, under which Washington will halt deportation proceedings against those illegal immigrants who have no criminal record, while at the same time increasing scrutiny of those who pose a criminal threat to the United States. But the stories of two immigrant men who are fighting deportation show that the new guidelines do not always lead to uniform results.

13,000 immigrants, without convictions, detained in limbo

As presidential campaigns heat up, Washington, D.C., residents will hear the issue of immigration frequently debated. The current immigration goal of the federal administration, as it pertains to detainment and deportation, is to detain and deport only undocumented immigrants who have been convicted of crimes.

White House to change immigration waiver rules

The White House plans to change the immigration rules to help shorten the time that illegal immigrant spouses are separated from citizen relatives while trying to come back legally. Under current law, illegal immigrants are banned from legally reentering the United States for three to 10 years. Illegal immigrants are also required to leave the United States before asking the government to waive the ban on family-based visas.

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