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Family immigration can be complex for Maryland families

Family-based green cards are a great way for families to reunite. For family members in Maryland who wish to be reunited with other family members, pursuing options for a green card based on family relationships may be the best option. As with every area of immigration law, there are certain provisions and stipulations that can affect the process and its chances for successfully reuniting family members through the family immigration process.

Diplomatic relations can impact deportation status of many

The restoration of diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba has had many consequences both here and there. One consequence of the stabilization of those ties may be the future of thousands of Cubans who were slated for deportation before diplomatic ties were restored. Any Cubans who live in Maryland and have deportation orders may be curious as to how the new relations will impact their cases and what will become of thousands of others identified by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Man facing deportation is currently held in limbo

Most Maryland readers likely understand that certain criminal convictions can lead to enforcement action for immigrants by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. However, many may be unaware that these convictions can open the door to deportation years after a person has served time in prison. One man is currently being held at a detention facility awaiting possible deportation years after being released from prison.

Woman and daughter ordered returned after deportation

Being deported is perhaps one of the biggest fears of any person held in an immigration detention facility. Once deportation actually takes place, returning to Maryland or any other state may seem like an impossibility. Yet, for one mother and daughter, deportation led to a court order to have the pair returned to the United States.

Be aware of factors that can affect naturalization process

Living in the United States for a certain amount of time is the first step toward becoming a citizen of the United States. However, the quest for naturalization is not as easy as being in Maryland or another state for a set amount of time. There are other criteria that must be met and there are many factors or behaviors that can put naturalization at risk.

Facts about deportation for those concerned in Maryland

The mere thought of deportation can be extremely frightening for individuals and families as a whole. When Maryland families and individuals understand the facts about deportation and when it might be a possibility, some of that fear dissipates. Our firm can clear up deportation concerns and help those at risk of deportation understand the process and how deportation may be fought in certain cases.

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