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July 2012 Archives

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Executive order to help one young immigrant realize dream

Last month, we mentioned President Obama's executive order that allows young immigrants to remain and work in the country for two years--and perhaps longer--if they meet certain requirements. That order is already having an effect on the life of one young man in Maryland.

Some green card applications denied because of tattoos

Immigrants in Maryland can face a number of challenges in their attempt to gain U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent residency. Paperwork, long delays and bureaucratic requirements can try the patience of even the calmest person. But now immigrants seeking a green card can be held up for something typically viewed as commonplace and innocuous: tattoos.

State immigration law would limit Secure Communities program

The national debate on immigration continues to evolve. Only weeks after the Supreme Court's landmark ruling that eviscerated much of Arizona's immigration law, a neighboring state has addressed the issue of how law enforcement must deal with potential illegal immigrants. But whereas Arizona's law attempted to expose illegal immigrants to a more searching inquiry, California is considering legislation that would provide more protection to those who are in the country without documentation.

Secure communities program comes to Washington, D.C.

With all the talk surrounding immigration issues squarely focused on the Supreme Court's recent landmark ruling, some residents of the District may not have noticed that the Secure Communities program has now taken effect in Washington, D.C. The program expanded into portions of Maryland this past February, bringing the entirety of the state under its reach. Secure Communities had been functioning in other parts of the state for years.

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