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November 2013 Archives

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New app can help people seeking a green card

Technology has permeated every aspect of modern life. While some technological advances may seem confusing and counterintuitive in the ways of building stronger relationships, there appears to be one app that is garnering attention as it helps truly bring people together. Any Maryland residents who are trying to obtain a green card for a loved may be interested in how this new app is helping others in their green card quest.

Lawmakers express thoughts on immigration law reform

Despite there being clear evidence and feelings by the populace that there needs to be some form of immigration law reform, lawmakers have recently commented that it doesn't look like any action will take place soon. Immigration law and the reforms most agree are needed may just take the back seat again as the year comes to a close. Maryland immigrants and their families who may be waiting on the edge of their seat for immigration law reform to take center stage may want to follow the comments of individual lawmakers.

Family fights to save dad from deportation

Whenever someone who has come to the country illegally, they may risk deportation if they come to the attention of immigration authorities. Any Maryland immigrants who are concerned about their status may want to follow the case of one man who is facing deportation. The man's daughters have reached out to help keep him here.

Military veteran faced deportation for minor offenses

Many people assume you have to commit a serious crime to be deported. However, there has been an increased awareness recently for the plight of people facing deportation for minor offenses even after serving in the United States Military. Several individuals are taking up the cause to help those who have served in the military avoid deportation. Any Maryland veterans who are unsure of their immigration status may be interested in the recent cases garnering attention.

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