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June 2014 Archives

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Woman avoids deportation at last minute

Immigration issues can become complicated when children are brought into the United States and grow to be adults. The issue of certain crimes making a legal permanent resident eligible for deportation can also add to the complications. While the deportation can be overwhelming, there are incidents where people have avoided deportation thanks to the hard work and support of others. Anyone in Maryland who is or has a family member dealing with possible deportation may be interested in the story of a woman who avoided deportation at the last minute.

Employment-based immigration a national issue

Immigrants from across the globe head to the United States for a variety of reasons. For some, the desire to escape political unrest in their home country leads the charge, while for others, the opportunities for better employment or employment training is cause to make such a big move. Employment-based immigration has been a primary cause for immigration for quite some time, but gaining proper documentation to attain certain jobs is proving difficult to do. Current bills being floated around the House and Senate could help immigrants in Maryland and across the country gain access to the visas required to legally seek gainful employment.

Family immigration laws changing in Maryland and elsewhere

The law pertaining to immigration status can be complex and evolving. When it entails family immigration and statuses, it can become even more complex, as minor children in Maryland are held in different consideration compared to adults going through the immigration process. One issue that has garnered attention and has made its way all the way to the Supreme Court is the fate of children who age out of the system while waiting for a visa.

Man's deportation could affect brother's health

Whenever a family of immigrants lives in the United States and works for decades, they typically rely on each other for support -- just like any other family does when they live in close proximity. However, if anyone in that immigrant family has faced any kind of criminal charge, there may be the threat of deportation. For one man, his deportation may have adverse health consequences for his brother. Maryland readers may be interested in following the case.

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