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February 2014 Archives

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Many successfully fighting deportation

The thought of deportation can be overwhelming and confusing for many in this country. Despite the fear and anxiety of being involved in a deportation situation, those dealing with such issues in Maryland or elsewhere may be interested to hear that many people are facing deportation hearings and winning their cases. In fact, there is a very high success rate now compared to previous years.

Immigration procedures could lead to student's deportation

Whenever someone is in the country on a student visa, there are certain time frames and criteria that must be met. Also, certain hospital and immigration procedures can lead to deportation straight from a hospital back to a home country. Any Maryland immigrants here on a student visa may want to learn more about the status of a man from Pakistan who is comatose and at risk of being deported.

Cost of citizenship may be too much for Maryland immigrants

The quest to become a citizen can be arduous and frustrating on many levels. It can also be a time-consuming and confusing process as immigration laws and regulations fluctuate. One aspect of citizenship that many Maryland immigrants may not give much thought to until they try to seek citizenship is the cost.

Man's potential deportation sparks debate

Deportations have been in the news as of late primarily due to federal government debate and potential immigration legislation. Some groups have explicitly called for the deportation of those who are in the United States illegally. However, other groups contend that there should be a pathway to citizenship for those who may have come here illegally but wish to become citizens. Maryland immigrants may be interested in one recent case of a man who admittedly came to the United States illegally and now faces deportation.

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