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September 2012 Archives

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Defeated STEM program bill would have increased number of visas

In past months on our Maryland blog, we have talked about the STEM visa program, which provides green cards to foreign students with advanced degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Some of that discussion has centered on the short supply for those green cards despite the great employment demands of technologically-inclined companies in the country.

Homeland Security releases data on deferred action applications

In an update to an important story we have written about previously on our Washington, D.C. blog, the Department of Homeland Security has recently released early statistics about applications for the deferred action program. Announced earlier in the year by President Obama, the deferred action program began taking applications just over one month ago on Aug. 15.

Courts overturn higher tuition rates for immigrants' children

Obtaining a post-secondary education is a crucial step towards earning a good, stable job and ascending our country's socioeconomic ladder. Like other states around the nation, Virginia and Maryland have well-regarded and prominent public colleges and universities that provide an education at reduced tuition rates to instate residents.

DNC speakers approach podium, outside Latino activists arrested

Immigration reform remains a constant issue on both ends of the political spectrum and everywhere in between, and as November draws nearer the debate is only becoming more front and center for many concerned individuals. Of those who are watching the campaigning with a close eye are members of the United States Latino community.

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