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August 2013 Archives

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Groups protest to fight deportation as asylum seekers rise

Immigration has been on the national radar for some time now. As the government takes up the issue and seems to be on the cusps of sweeping immigration legislation, groups have gathered around various parts of the country to protest and fight deportation. Any immigrants in Maryland may want to follow the protests and also see how an increase in asylums seekers is affecting any debate pertaining to immigration.

Employers are working with workers to guide citizenship

The process of becoming a citizen is certainly not regarded as an easy one or a timely one at the moment. While there is currently legislation waiting to be passed that will help make the pathway to citizenship easier, other entities are helping those looking to become citizens also. Maryland workers who are in need of help or guidance regarding their pathway to citizenship may be interested in what some employers are currently doing around the country.

Trio accused of faking permanent residency for employees

From time to time, Homeland Security Investigations and immigration authority officials periodically inspect a variety of businesses to ensure everyone working is properly documented. Recently during an inspection of a resort, authorities contend they came across a situation of false documents presented to them pertaining to permanent residency for employees. Maryland seasonal workers or resort personnel may want to follow how the recent story played out for the trio accused in the incident.

Maryland families may see immigration law passed

While it can take years for measures and bills to be enacted into law, once those bills or measures do pass they can affect millions of people. The recent push to pass immigration law may affect millions in this country in a variety of ways. Maryland workers and families may want to stay abreast of the developments unfolding pertaining to immigration law right now.

Government steps in to stop deportation

The deportation process can begin for a variety of reasons and can end any number of ways. Recently, the government stepped in to put the deportation process to a stop for a married couple. Anyone in Maryland who may be facing deportation may want to follow the case that making headlines in certain parts of the country.

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