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February 2012 Archives

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Secure Communities program expanded in Maryland

Last fall, we discussed the implementation of the Secure Communities program, which increases federal scrutiny over an arrested person's citizenship status. Although other parts of Maryland have been under the reach of the program for years, federal officials have recently decided that Baltimore and Montgomery County must now adopt the program.

Exceptional ability immigrants to benefit from new visa rules

Washington is looking to make some changes to the visa process in order to attract and keep highly-skilled immigrants. The potential immigration law plans are part of an initiative to make the United States more competitive in a modern globalized economy. By making certain visa policies more favorable to immigrants, the government has signaled its intent to entice foreign talent in academia and business to come to the United States and contribute to its economic development.

Visa rules work to deny citizenship to many illegal immigrants

Residents of Washington, D.C., are familiar with political talk. A politician must tread carefully, saying enough popular statements to win the largest number of votes while avoiding saying too many unpopular statements that will drive away potential supporters.

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