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What crimes can lead to deportation?

The threat or worry over a possible deportation can be overwhelming and stressful for entire families. Anyone who may be faced with deportation or who is concerned over their status, or the status of a loved one, may want to understand what kind of crimes can lead to deportation. If you are arrested in Maryland, knowing what crimes can lead to possible deportation may help as you decide what kind of defense strategy to pursue.

Green card fraud can result in jail time

For anyone waiting to gain legal status in the United States through the issuance of a green card, the wait and the process can be difficult, confusing and overwhelming. There may be those who tout quicker and easier ways to get a green card and obtain legal status. However, anyone in Maryland who is in the midst of waiting for a green card may want to be leery of anyone advertising the easy or quick way out. A man from a southwestern state recently pleaded guilty to fraud and received a prison sentence for a fake green card operation.

Deportation becomes complicated as man wants specific route

Anytime someone enters the country illegally, any kind of legal issue that arises may lead to a deportation hearing. The deportation process in of itself may prove time-consuming and complicated, depending on the particular details of each case. However, when other governments become involved, the case may get even more convoluted. Anyone in Maryland who may find an alleged crime not only leads to deportation from the United States, but also may lead to criminal charges in another country may be interested in the case of a man originally from Lebanon.

Fate of green card rests on Charlotte Symphony reputation

The process of obtaining and keeping a green card can be difficult and challenging. There are many avenues to obtaining a green card. One is through the awarding of a green card for professionals who are deemed to have an “extraordinary ability” in a certain field. This includes the field of music. One recent story making news may be worth following for any gifted individual in Maryland who is applying for a green card.

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