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Criminal charges can lead to deportation in Maryland

The average citizen may have a relatively minor brush with the law and pay the consequences without any long-lasting or highly disruptive after-effects, depending on the infraction of course. A legal situation may pose a very different outcome, however, for a person in Maryland who has a green card and gets into trouble with the law. There are a number of crimes that can actually lead to deportation for a person who is not a citizen.

Woman seeks asylum in church to avoid deportation

When someone is facing a possible deportation, that person may not know where to turn or exactly what rights he or she may have under the current immigration laws. Recently, a few people have made news as they sought out ways to avoid deportation by seeking asylum in houses of worship. Anyone in Maryland who fears deportation or is curious about the timeline and specifics of the process may want to follow the story of a woman who has been living in a church while supporters fight to keep her here.

Green card backlog could affect entire family

The immigration process can be one that is stressful and overwhelming to deal with for a family. It can takes years for a family to receive legal status. New immigration laws and executive action will assist in the gaining of green cards for many already here. However, one family recently made news as they noted that the wait for a green card and the backlog that exists could result in losing legal status and the ruining of a family business. Any Maryland business owners concerned about green card status may want to follow the story.

Factors that may derail the pathway to citizenship

For any immigrant, the pathway to citizenship may be a time-consuming and complicated path. There are clear-cut laws and regulations that outline the process, and there is also discretion of the Citizenship and Immigration Services to approve or deny naturalization for an immigrant seeking that distinction. For anyone in Maryland who is currently or thinking about seeking naturalization in the future, it is important to understand certain factors that may derail those attempts and lead to a denial of citizenship.

It is important to understand deportation facts

For many immigrants and their families, the very word "deportation" may fill them with fear, confusion and stress. For anyone who has family members in Maryland who might possibly be deported under certain circumstances, understanding deportation facts is essential. The immigration laws are evolving and going through changes also, which makes keeping up-to-date even more crucial for those who may potentially face deportation or worry that a loved may be deported.

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