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April 2015 Archives

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Timeline can vary for a family-based green card

A family-based green card be a valuable tool to reunite or keep family members together as they build new lives in the United States. Anyone in Maryland who wishes to pursue a green card based on a family relationship may want to be aware of the specifics of the process. It is vital to understand that certain relationships will get preference and the timeline can vary according to the relationship between family members.

Man faces deportation after guilty plea for theft

Convictions for certain crimes can lead to deportation. Even if a person is urged to plead guilty as a means of staying out of jail or accepting minimal consequences for a crime he or she claims to have not committed, any plea of guilty to a felony can open the door to deportation. Anyone in Maryland who is or has a loved one wrapped up in the legal system may want to learn more about the plight of a 21-year-old man currently facing deportation.

Man adopted as child fights deportation

According to current law, anyone adopted and brought to the United States is automatically a U.S. citizen. However, that law wasn't always the case and is not retroactive for those brought over and adopted before the law was enacted. For one man adopted at age three and brought to the United States, this could mean a possible deportation. Anyone in Maryland who was the subject of an international adoption may want to follow the case.

Immigration law limbo affects farmers and immigrants in Northeast

The farm industry is integral to the economy of most states, and immigrant labor plays a large role in the success of farming. Farmers in Maryland and other states may be reeling from the uncertainty of immigration law reform as they try to protect their workers and ensure an adequate workforce is available to keep their farms up and running. One farmer in particular fears for the future of his farm as the yogurt industry has increased demand and the immigration situation has put his workforce at risk for deportation.

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