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September 2013 Archives

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Immigration law supporters arrange for march

Those who support immigration reform have been slightly frustrated by the passage of time and lack of action by the United States House of Representatives when it comes to immigration law. In response to the stalled talks and reform and the ever-increasing amount of deportations across Maryland and other states, immigration law advocates are calling for nation-wide marches to spread the word and increase awareness. They hope the marches and recognition of their plight will kick start action on immigration law reform.

Man wins fight to avoid deportation

The process of deportation can take years and can be a very stressful time for any family members living with the fear that a loved one will have to leave the country. When a judge decides a deportation case, there are many factors that may affect the outcome. Recently, a deportation case made the news as it took an unexpected and happy turn for a family. Any Maryland families concerned about deportation may want to follow the story.

Family immigration issues lead to protest, request for reform

Many people may think about immigration issues as an individual situation. However, a recent protest brings to light the fact that immigration issues and deportation affects more than just the individual. Maryland immigrants or family members of undocumented people may want to follow the story of the protest and what the protesters are asking for concerning family immigration.

Group organizes to stop deportation of man

For those who were brought to this country at a young age or even those who came after they were adults, not knowing their immigration status can be an overwhelming or worrisome position to be in. There may always be constant fear of deportation and leaving the life they built for themselves here. For one man, the fight against a possible deportation has garnered community support. Anyone in Maryland who fears deportation may want to follow his story.

Counterfeit ring prompts scrutiny of green card process

Whenever a family is desperate to get into or stay in the United States, it may be tempting to jump at any chance to obtain a green card. There are already tight regulations and processes in place for those seeking a green card; but the discovery of a scam selling counterfeit birth certificates has led to even tighter rules and regulations. Any Maryland immigrants looking to have family receive a green card and join them here in the United States may want to take heed of how this story unfolds.

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