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January 2013 Archives

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Advocates travel to Washington D.C. in defense of skilled workers

A few weeks ago we posted about the plight of a highly educated Nigerian student struggling to successfully secure a H-1B, which is a visa for highly-skilled workers. Unfortunately, this plight is not unique to this man as many students that are in the United States to obtain an education fear that they will be made to leave the country when their schooling is complete.

Man that spanked child likely to be deported to Mexico

According to prosecutors, a man that admitted to being a Mexican citizen illegally living in the United States will probably be deported back to Mexico after he pleaded guilty to charges as part of a plea agreement. A very significant number of individuals are deported every year when they are convicted of a crime.

Change to U.S. immigration policy good news for many

Just announced last week, the Obama administration has made a change to immigration policy that will take effect March 4 of this year. This change will impact those individuals that are undocumented immigrants and that also are the spouse, parent or child of a U.S. citizen. Under previous U.S. immigration law, these individuals were required to leave the country and their family as they applied for residency. In most instances, this meant leaving a job and causing great stress on family members of the individual forced to leave, as well as the individuals themselves.

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