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March 2013 Archives

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Immigrants in same-sex relationship to be impacted by DOMA ruling

We have blogged before about the protection immigrant spouses are afforded in the United States. For example, if an individual is a citizen and is married, there are avenues for enabling the immigrant spouse to stay in the country through family immigration privileges. Similarly, when a citizen is looking to marry an immigrant, the citizen can secure a visa to bring their fiancé to the country to marry.

Employer punished for recruiting discrimination among immigrants

Individuals that immigrated to the Washington D.C. area or elsewhere across the country are protected and afforded certain rights. If these rights are infringed upon, there could be recourse. In many instances, if an individual that immigrated to America has their rights infringed upon, an attorney can assist that individual in finding justice in the wrongs enacted against them.

Some fear possible change to family-based green card availability

Family is the most important thing for many individuals, regardless of where they were born. There are currently many residents in Maryland that immigrated to the U.S. and are still hoping that family reunification will soon mean they can live with their loved ones. Many individuals will seek the assistance of an immigration attorney in this pursuit.

Couples looking to wed can obtain temporary fiancé visa

A wedding announcement issued in the paper recently announced that a young couple will soon exchange vows when the gentleman, born in Scotland and not a U.S. citizen, receives his fiancé visa. Once an individual receives a fiancé visa and enters the country, the couple has 90 days to wed.

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