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Guilty plea to crime can trigger deportation

Anyone who is unsure of their immigration status or who is not a U.S. citizen should be aware of what certain legal proceedings can mean as far as their ability to remain in the country. The immigration process in general can be quite confusing for anyone, and the deportation process can be as well. One deportation situation is making news, as a man may face deportation because of his plea in a court case. Anyone in Maryland who is not a citizen may want to follow this case.

Those seeking a green card should be aware of scams

Many people who offer to help immigrants out with the immigration procedures they need to know are honest and capable of helping. However, there are people and organizations out there who may take advantage of an immigrant or entire family who is seeking a green card to stay in the United States. For immigrants for whom English is a second language, these scams may be hard to spot or realize until it is too late, putting a person’s or family’s immigration status at stake. Anyone in Maryland or elsewhere who is unsure of the process to get a green card may want to be aware of scams out there.

Reporter tells story, may face deportation

Many people grow up without having any concerns or questions about their legal status to be in the United States. Yet, there are incidents where teens or young adults try to file for services, join the military or even try to get a driver’s license only to then realize they are not in the country legally. Anyone in Maryland who is unsure of their status or surprised to learn they do not have the proper legal documents to be here may want to follow the story of a reporter who is facing possible deportation.

AFL-CIO vice president wants to help green card holders

Obtaining a green card is an important step in the immigration process. For some, it may be as far as they venture. However, one organization's vice president is trying to help relay the benefits for workers who go from having a green card to applying for citizenship. Anyone in Maryland who has a green card may be interested in the help the AFL-CIO is trying to put into motion.

Long court process over, man's deportation now possible

Any kind of criminal court process can be lengthy. In fact, some cases may take years to settle when you factor in appeals or investigations stemming from an initial case or charge. A criminal court case and ruling can also open the door to deportation for individuals. Anyone in Maryland who is involved in a case or investigation that could lead to deportation may want to pay close attention to the recent case of a man who was born in Kuwait.

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