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May 2012 Archives

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Suit says ICE deported teen who claimed to be a foreign citizen

A number of high-level officials in Washington, D.C., have been named as defendants in an immigration lawsuit challenging one teenager's deportation. The then 14-year-old girl was arrested at a mall in her home state when police suspected her of shoplifting. According to law enforcement, she provided them with a false name, claiming to be from another country. Immigration and Customs Enforcement then placed her in deportation proceedings, and she was deported last year, still only 14 years old.

Immigration law could raise number of H-1B visas

Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are suggesting changes to a class of temporary work visas. One senator has proposed adding 55,000 H-1B visas to the 85,000 spots already available. The potential expansion of H-1B visas comes in response to requests from business leaders, who say that there is a shortage of capable employees in engineering and science. According to Boeing's CEO, high-technology industries could employ as many as 2 million additional people, but not enough applicants meet the job criteria.

Immigrant denied asylum and green card awaits deportation

Federal authorities in Washington, D.C., make provisions for those seeking asylum and a better life in this country. While many people have endured difficult trials just to escape countries divided by war and persecution, in some circumstances they may have to go through additional tribulations to remain in the relative safety of the United States. One Nigerian man's case is illustrative.

Washington revises rules for class of temporary employment visas

Many immigrants come to the United States seeking better employment opportunities. The process for finding employment often involves obtaining a work visa. There are myriad types of employment-based visas, each tied to a type of job or an immigrant's qualifications. Many visas are of the H-1 kind, but another popular temporary visa is the J-1 visa. It allows approximately 100,000 college students from foreign countries to spend four months working in the United States while absorbing our country's customs and culture.

Deportations of immigrants arrested for traffic offenses to fall

Two months ago we noted the expansion of the Secure Communities program into Maryland. The government hopes to implement the program, which was started in 2008, throughout the country by next year. But Washington performed a notable about-face last week regarding one aspect of the program.

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