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February 2015 Archives

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Mother of two fights deportation by staying in church

When faced with deportation, some people seek sanctuaries as they await decisions about their cases. One place some people trying to avoid deportation turn to is the church. Anyone in Maryland who faces deportation may be interested in the plight of a mother of two who has taken up residence in a church in another state in hopes of avoiding deportation.

Document deadline leads to expired green card and detention

The immigration process entails a great deal of paperwork and deadlines. Any kind of deadline or paperwork mishap can hinder the process and lead to an immigration nightmare. Confusion over a document deadline has led to a green card mishap which might cause a detained mother of five to be deported. Anyone in Maryland who is unclear about deadlines or when to file certain paperwork related to a green card may benefit from understanding the requirements before any adverse effects occur.

Maryland immigrants may want to know roadblocks to citizenship

For many people from all around the world, obtaining citizenship may be a lifelong goal. The path to citizenship can be time-consuming and wrought with confusion for those for whom English is not their first language, and even for those who understand it quite well. For Maryland immigrants in the midst of pursuing citizenship, knowing the pathway to citizenship -- along with understanding the possible roadblocks -- is important.

It is important to understand employment-based immigration

The role immigrants have played in American society is widely known to be part of the reason the country has had the success and innovative breakthroughs for which it has always been known. One reason this is possible is employment-based immigration. Any professional with exceptional abilities who wishes to inquire about ways to stay in Maryland and contribute to society in some measurable way may want to learn more about the facts of employment-based immigration.

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