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December 2016 Archives

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Improving processing time for spousal immigration

In Maryland and elsewhere across the country, U.S. citizens are experiencing seemingly endless delays in sponsoring their foreign spouses and may be questioning whether anything might be done in order to expedite the process. With a Trump presidency on the horizon, at least one attorney has suggested that the expeditious processing of spousal immigrant applications could be easily accomplished by the incoming administration.

Loophole may lead to abuse of H-1B visa program

Maryland residents may have read headlines about the worker replacement scandal at Walt Disney World. Disney was criticized for using an outsourcing firm to replace over 200 American IT workers with foreign H-1B visa recipients. Since then, several other companies such as Southern California Edison and the University of California have used similar tactics to replace American workers with foreign workers.

Supreme Court takes up case about detaining immigrants

Maryland residents might be interested in learning about a case that is currently being considered by the Supreme Court of the United States. The case concerns the constitutionality of detaining immigrants without detention hearings for lengthy periods of time, in some case ranging up to as long as 19 months or more.

H-1B visa reform could impact American companies

Many Maryland residents are aware that immigration reform was part of Donald Trump's platform. One way to achieve his goals may be to reform the H-1B visas, which some claim are harmful to American workers. The visa allows American employers to hire skilled workers such as scientists or engineers for a short period of time. There are 85,000 such visas available per year, and those granted one are allowed into the country on a non-immigrant basis.

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