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Maryland immigrants may want to learn about green card issues

It can be complicated and confusing for families who are living in different countries but wish to be together in the United States. There are very clear and strict laws about who can obtain a green card and venture to live with family in Maryland. There are also unique situations where obtaining a green card as a family is handled more quickly and with greater efficiency. It is important for those who want to a green card to understand which family relationships may help the process and also the timeline for the issuance of a green card.

Understanding the facts of deportation can help in Maryland

The deportation process can be difficult to understand and a scary proposition in of itself. Knowing the facts and truth about how and why someone may face deportation can be helpful for those who are concerned for themselves or a family member. Anyone in Maryland who may fear deportation may be interested in the legal process.

Felony charge could lead to deportation for woman

Whenever a person is arrested on any kind of criminal charge, their immigration status may be a cause for concern. In Maryland and other states, being arrested for a felony charge could open the door to a possible deportation hearing. In a recent case making news, a woman may face deportation due to her alleged involvement in a hit and run incident.

It is important to understand what type of green card to get

Whenever a person or family pursues an employment green card to work in the United States, the process of obtaining one can be difficult and confusing for anyone, especially if English isn’t a person’s first language. It can also take a long time to obtain certain types of green cards, compared to other types. It is important for any immigrant seeking an employment green card or wishing to work in Maryland in a certain industry to understand the process and different types of work visas that there are.

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