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June 2015 Archives

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Lawmaker pushing for help for overworked immigration court

Although a number of undocumented immigrants are entering the United States and heading away from the border to other states, including Maryland, the border states still see the largest numbers of immigrants in their populations. In one border state, a lawmaker is pushing for help for its overworked immigration court system. He has asked for money to fund additional judges and staff.

Role in baseball scandal could lead to deportation

Criminal convictions of certain kinds can open the doors to deportation for foreign-born individuals. One criminal conviction making news recently could land the cousin of baseball player Alex Rodriguez back in his native Dominican Republic. The cousin was recently convicted of drug charges related to his cousin's steroid scandal, which made the news even in Maryland, and the conviction could lead to his deportation.

Employment-based immigration can depend on job field

The longing to move to this country and contribute is a dream shared by many. For those in certain professional fields, employment-based immigration may be one way to contribute to society while staying in the United States. The professional fields prevalent in Maryland make it the ideal place for those wishing to live and work here on a long-term basis, especially if they are involved in the medical field.

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