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April 2014 Archives

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Teen may have to face deportation over drug arrest

Whenever there appears to be drug use or a drug problem in a school, authorities may investigate and pinpoint students who could be bringing the drugs into the school. Recently, a high school girl found herself under arrest for drugs, and she may now also be dealing with deportation. Any teenager in Maryland who is unsure of his or her legal status and gets arrested should be aware of the possibility of deportation.

Illegal methods of obtaining green card lead to convictions

The process of obtaining a green card can be time-consuming and require a great deal of patience, perseverance and paperwork. While there may be the temptation to cut corners or take any action deemed necessary to secure legal status, any actions to acquire a green card that are illegal can have some serious consequences. Anyone in Maryland who is unclear about the laws for getting a green card may want to follow the story of a group of people who are facing serious criminal charges for trying to illegally obtain a green card.

Family fights to save young man from deportation

The children of undocumented immigrants have unique challenges as they grow up in the United States. By being children when they arrived in the U.S., it makes it difficult to hold them accountable for being brought here illegally by parents, yet the law currently sees them as being able to be held accountable. For a 20-year-old, his fight against deportation is just beginning. Anyone in Maryland who may have been brought here illegally and is concerned about what they may face someday or what the laws may be in the future may want to follow his case.

Groups passionate about immigration law turn up heat

More and more groups are making news and making waves as they become vocal advocates for immigration reform. The topic of immigration law reforms has been on the table for some time and these collective groups and individuals are engaging in movements all around the country as a means of keeping the issue in the forefront of government leaders' minds. Anyone who may be impacted by immigration law reform in Maryland or elsewhere may want to keep up to date on pending reforms as well as what is happening to make more reform a possibility.

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