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October 2014 Archives

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New policy may quicken green card process for Haitians

Immigration issues often entail a great deal of time waiting for approval and then waiting for final paperwork. This is true particularly for obtaining a green card. A new policy hopes to reduce the wait time for Haitians awaiting a green card to live and work here legally. Any Haitian immigrant in Maryland who has family awaiting access to the United States may want to learn more about the program.

Student avoids deportation with legal help

There is a segment of the population that may be subject to possible deportation through no direct fault of their own. Many children were brought to the United States illegally, and some of them are not even aware they are here illegally until a legal issue arises or they apply for certain documents. Maryland readers may be interested in the story of a college student who is avoiding deportation for now, based on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act.

Joe Giudice, television star, could face deportation

Whenever someone is in the country and not a citizen, even if they are here for decades, there is always the possibility of deportation. If someone is arrested and convicted of a crime, that alone may lead to deportation, depending on the crime and the circumstances. Recently, a couple who is famous for their appearances on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" was arrested and charged with a number of crimes, and the husband, Joe Giudice, could face deportation as a result. Anyone in Maryland who may not be a citizen and has been charged with a crime may be interested in their story.

A second Maryland county aids efforts against deportation

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) often makes requests of county jails to hold undocumented individuals after they are supposed to be released even if they have not committed a crime. Recently, the Maryland attorney general sent letters to each county and state-run jail, saying that he believes this practice -- which ICE appears to use as a deportation tool -- violates the Fourth Amendment. In at least some of the cases, no verifiable probable cause exists for detaining them.

30-year-old faces deportation despite Dream Act

Immigration laws and regulations can be difficult to understand and keep up with. For those who qualify for certain programs or fall under certain acts passed by the government, there may be some protection against deportation. Yet, people in Maryland and other states may still face deportation even when they assume it isn't a threat, as may be the case with one 30-year-old woman who could be deported.

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