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January 2016 Archives

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Increasing number of Hispanic immigrants applying for citizenship

Hundreds of thousands of today's Hispanic immigrants through the U.S., including in Maryland, have decided to apply for citizenship. The increasing number of immigrants interested in citizenship is causing the number of eligible voters who are Hispanic to reach record heights. In fact, the electorate of Hispanics is expected to increase to more than a whopping 27 million people this year.

Immigrant communities fearful in light of threat of deportation

In late 2015, information was released about how the U.S. Department of Homeland Security would be stepping up its pursuit of individuals with deportation orders. This naturally may leave an immigrant who lacks the proper documentation in Maryland and other states feeling unsettled. So far this year, the Department of Homeland Security has detained 121 people through its operations.

U.S. seeks assistance with immigrants from United Nations

In a post from last month we wrote about the many child immigrants entering the United States from several Latin American companies. The reason many of these individuals provide for coming to the U.S. is gang and drug violence. Once here, they are hoping to secure refugee status.

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