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Time frame for obtaining a family-based green card can vary

U.S. citizens or permanent residents may desperately want to reunite their families by bringing their loved ones to the United States. The time frame for doing so can be complicated depending on the relationship the potential family-based green card holder has to a family member already in Maryland or another state. While family reunification is valued and important to immigration officials, those seeking a reunion should know what to expect.

Veteran faces possible deportation after legal woes

Family and supporters are rallying around a veteran who may soon face deportation. The former Army soldier has had legal troubles that have resulted in jail time, and immigration officials are in the midst of pursuing deportation. Cases such as this have started a dialogue about veterans who are also immigrants. Should vets, whether from Maryland or another state, be subject to deportation despite their service to the country?

The path to citizenship can be disrupted for some in Maryland

Gaining citizenship in the United States is a life-long dream for many immigrants in Maryland. That path to citizenship can also be time consuming and complicated. In order to ensure some semblance of order and predictability when applying to become a citizen, it is important to understand what complications can arise and what obstacles could stand in the way of that path.

Deportation of brother could affect kidney transplant

The deportation process can impact families in a wide varieties of ways. In one unique case, a woman's kidney transplant may hinge on whether or not her brother gets deported. A guilty plea to a burglary charge opened the door to deportation for the man, as it can also lead to the deportation of any Maryland family member looking to stay with legal family members in the United States.

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