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April 2013 Archives

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Statistics show more children are entering the US alone

While we often hear stories about undocumented adult immigrants in the United States, the stories of what happens to children who come to this country on their own often go unheard. Nevertheless, there are actually a large number of young children attempting to enter the United States by themselves every year.

Proposed immigration reforms may aid domestic and foreign workers

Federal lawmakers are currently considering a number of options to reform U.S. immigration laws. Some of those opposed to increased pathways for lawful immigration argue that an influx of foreign workers could hurt Americans by adding more competition for low-wage jobs.

Maryland immigrant licensing bill closer to becoming law

Just a few months ago we blogged about the possibility of a measure in Maryland that could repeal the aftermath of stricter federal regulations issued in 2009, which resulted in a Maryland law prohibiting individuals unable to present proof of lawful immigration status from obtaining a driver's licenses in the state.

Mother wins custody of child despite immigration status

A young mother that is not a US citizen had a child with a man that is a citizen. The couple was only in their teens when they had their daughter, so the unmarried pair and the child lived with the father's parents -- both of whom immigrated and are legal residents. When relations dissolved between the parties, the mother took the young child and moved out. The grandparents filed for custody, citing the fact that the mother of the child is not a legal resident, and that the maternal grandmother does not live in the US.

Migrant workers often fear reporting injuries, unsafe conditions

Unfortunately, many individuals that come to America as a migrant worker will work a low-wage job in an environment more susceptible to injury. Very often low-wage workers have their rights violated, and their safety compromised as companies look to save money and cut corners on safety. However, there is a complexity added to being both a migrant worker and a low-wage worker that leaves these employees further vulnerable.

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