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July 2016 Archives

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Judge says poor economy no excuse for not paying H-1B workers

In a case that may be of interest to Maryland employers and employees alike, a Department of Labor administrative law judge has ruled that employers cannot use financial hardship to avoid paying employees with H-1B nonimmigrant visa status the wage specified to the federal government. The judge said foreign nationals must be paid the wage indicated on the Labor Condition Application certified by the DOL.

Non-immigrant visas may be revoked for DUI arrests

People who are in Maryland on nonimmigrant visas need to be aware that the U.S. Department of State may revoke their visas if they are arrested for a charge of driving under the influence or another alcohol-related driving offense. Under the guidance that was issued by the agency earlier in 2016, a revocation may happen even if the person has not been convicted.

Colleges can obtain H-1B visas for foreign students

Universities in Maryland and nationwide could be using a legal loophole to obtain H-1B visas for foreign students, circumventing a federal lottery system that caps the annual number of such visas available. College officials say exploiting the loophole fixes a flawed immigration system, but critics counter the practice goes against the spirit of federal law.

Immigrant advocacy groups call for reforms on the state level

Immigrant advocacy groups in Maryland and around the country were disappointed on June 23 when a U.S. Supreme Court vote placed the Obama administration's plans to grant temporary legal status to thousands of immigrants on hold. If the plan had been implemented, illegal immigrants who are the parents of U.S. citizens would have been permitted to seek work permits. With the Obama plan off the table, some immigrant groups are pushing for action on the state level similar to that taken by California lawmakers in 2014.

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