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Deportation can occur under certain circumstances

For immigrants and families of immigrants, the possibly of deportation can weigh heavily on their minds. However, when Maryland families are aware of the facts about deportation, those families and family members may be better prepared to mount a defense in court or prepare for the process as it may unfold for them. The first step in dealing with the possibility of deportation is to know under what circumstances deportation may be possible.

Employment-based immigration can be complex

The want and desire to come to the United States to work and share research has always been great. But, that process can be confusing for some as employment-based immigration involves different types of green cards based on the type of employment for which one coming to Maryland is looking. It is important to know the different types and which one is appropriate for your career so as to ensure a smooth and timely pursuit of gaining the right green card.

Judge halts deportation despite government wishes

The legal process involved in deporting an individual can be complex to understand and can involve conflicting information from different entities. Under certain circumstances, judges in Maryland and across the U.S. may step in and halt a deportation. One man who was deported came back to the United States, and now a judge has stopped another deportation of that individual. 

Factors that may disrupt the path to citizenship in Maryland

The pathway to U.S. citizenship is not always smooth. The path is certainly not the same for everyone either. Anyone in Maryland who is hoping to gain citizenship through naturalization may want to be aware of common reasons for the denial of citizenship by Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Family hides to avoid deportation from United States

The deportation process and possible consequences for a family in fear of their homeland can be frightening for some and drive families to a state of desperation. Maryland families may be able to relate to the fear an out-of-state family has if they are deported back to their home country. The family is making news as they discussed with news outlets how they are in hiding to avoid deportation.

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