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March 2014 Archives

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Previous deportation incident leads to new deportation

Whenever someone is in the country illegally, any kind of encounter with law enforcement can essentially lead to deportation. In Maryland and elsewhere, there are times when someone may be in the country for decades and then finds that an otherwise small incident leads to deportation. Recently, a man was deported after an incident with a coin machine. The fact there was a past immigration violation in his record has further hurt his cause.

Immigration law and deportation at forefront in Maryland news

Comprehensive immigration law reform is currently stalled at a national level. However, this has not stopped groups from applying pressure on government officials to address various components of immigration law reform. Any Maryland resident or family member who is facing deportation or has recently had a loved one deported may be interested in the recent calls pressuring the White House to do more to halt deportations.

Court case may mean deportation for reality TV star

When it comes to deportation, there are many reasons why someone may end up having to defend their ability to stay in the country. Currently, in Maryland and elsewhere, deportations are on the rise. For one reality television star, being swept up in a criminal case has meant he may have to face deportation too. The case involves Real Housewives stars Joe and Teresa Giudice.

Man avoids deportation due to son's condition

Whenever a family member is facing the possibility of being deported, there is naturally a ripple effect on the family and possibly the community as a whole. When someone is deported or detained and awaiting deportation -- in Maryland or elsewhere -- a family may be left without a parent who is the primary breadwinner. For one family facing the deportation of the patriarch, a son's health could hang in the balance.

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