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October 2012 Archives

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U.S. citizenship available to immigrants through military program

There are a variety of paths to becoming a U.S. citizen, but for some immigrants, the process can take many years, even as much as a decade. Certain programs offer a fast track to U.S. citizenship, and immigrants in the Maryland and Virginia area may be interested to hear that the Pentagon has recently reinstituted such a program that has lain dormant for over two years.

U.S. to keep immigration laws the same in face of Cuba's change

While U.S. immigration law is a broad, ponderous subject, it contains some rather narrow provisions. For example, Cuban citizens who come to the U.S. are eligible to become permanent residents as long as they wait one year before applying. This policy is expected to get more attention now that Cuba has changed its own rules regarding when its citizens may leave the country.

Maryland's Dream Act would provide tuition benefit to immigrants

Immigrants in Maryland know that the path to a brighter future passes through the halls of our state's educational institutions. This fall, Maryland residents will vote on a ballot referendum that would provide immigrants with easier access to higher education and the employment prospects that a college degree confers.

Path to U.S. citizenship requires immigrants to take many steps

According to data from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, roughly 680,000 people become naturalized citizens of the U.S. each year. Maryland residents constitute a relatively small portion of that total--over 15,400 residents have been naturalized through the first three quarters of 2012. Since 2008, approximately 88,000 Maryland residents have received their U.S. citizenship through the USCIS office in Baltimore.

Romney vows not to void approved deferred action applications

One of the many points we emphasize on our Washington, D.C. blog is the highly changeable nature of immigration law. Bills and policies can be enacted quickly, requiring immigrants to watch developments closely so that they can comply with applicable laws and participate in programs intended for their benefit.

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