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April 2012 Archives

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High court hears Washington's challenge to state immigration law

The extent of a state's power to create immigration policy is up for decision in Washington, D.C. The legal challenge to one state's immigration law has reached the Supreme Court, where justices listened to each side's final oral arguments today, moving the case one step closer to its conclusion. According to reports of the arguments, the justices' questions and comments evinced support for some aspects of the state's law.

ICE reviews cases, pauses deportation proceedings in some cities

Washington has announced that it will expand its program to review pending deportation cases in order to discover which ones involve immigrants with criminal records. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has already conducted reviews in two cities, including Baltimore, Maryland. Now ICE will perform the same task in four new cities around the country.

Washington warns of false emails sent to green card applicants

For many immigrants in Washington, D.C., and around the country, receiving their green card is the realization of a dream. But the process to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States is often long and requires a great deal of patience. Unfortunately, some people have recently tried to exploit immigrants' desire to obtain a green card.

ICE arrests immigrants in Maryland as part of nationwide sweep

Many prior posts on this blog have emphasized the new priorities espoused by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. That agency has announced that it will specifically target for deportation those immigrants who have criminal records. Some recent raids have resulted in a number of arrests, but the latest ICE sweep is by far the agency's largest. Immigrants were arrested here in Maryland and Washington, D.C., and throughout every state in the country.

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