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October 2013 Archives

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Immigration law reform advocates renew fight for reform

The recent government shutdown has caused many areas of potential reform and legislation to be placed on the back burner. However, advocates who have been fighting for immigration law reform for a number of years have vowed to see action taken despite delays due to the federal government shutdown. While adversaries on many other issues, there appears to be support for immigration law reform from all sides in Maryland and across the country.

Family immigration issues affect Maryland college bound kids

For the children of immigrants who are undocumented, there are certain rights and privileges they simply may not have access to because of the status of their parents. However, there are new programs and opportunities designed to specifically help children with family immigration issues. One such program, the Maryland Dream Act, aims to helps kids get affordable higher education despite their family's status.

Activists fight to keep immigration law front and center

Civil disobedience has been an effective way to make progress for almost every cause ever taken up by the people. The same rings true for efforts made by those pursuing immigration law reform. Recently, a mass gathering showed that Maryland immigrants and those from elsewhere in the country are seeing civil disobedience as a way to keep the government focused on the issue of immigration reform.

Woman wins deportation fight, with help from Noam Chomsky

Any time someone is facing the possibility of being deported, there can be a great amount of fear and uncertainty for that person, their family and their friends in the community. Recently however, the community gathered around one woman to help her fight deportation. Their support helped the woman win a stay from being sent back to Guatemala. Anyone facing deportation and who has close ties to community leaders in Maryland or elsewhere may want to follow her story.

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