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Traffic violation sends married father back to Mexico

The search for love and companionship is a pursuit familiar to many Americans. One woman fell in love with a man that immigrated to America from Mexico and began a family with him. As the couple began to have children, she stayed at home to raise them. The family lived modestly but they got by, until the husband was pulled over.

Congress eyeing skilled workers to boost economy

The proposed immigration reform is based largely on making the road to citizenship easier for skilled professionals that have advanced education degrees in the fields of math and science. Many members of congress hope that bringing more skilled workers into the country will give the economy a much need boost in the right direction.

Citizen with cognitive disabilities wrongfully deported

Unfortunately, many individuals that are detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in Maryland do not have legal representation. Immigrants that are not U.S. citizens can face deportation proceedings for committing minor crimes or traffic violations, even if the individual holds a visa or green card. It is imperative for such individuals to retain an experienced immigration attorney that will fight deportation proceedings.

Low deportation level under Secure Communities in Washington D.C.

A federal initiative called Secure Communities aimed to deport immigrants not legally living in the country if they were picked up for committing a crime. Many worried that this would deter immigrant communities from reporting dangerous crimes. Accordingly, the Mayor of Washington D.C. wanted to ease fears in immigrant communities by maintaining police would not question immigration status if an individual reported a crime. The mayor said, “… we have conducted outreach to the communities we serve in order to provide them with vital information and help allay concerns.”

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