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October 2015 Archives

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Pro-immigrant advocacy groups take issue with detention centers

The fear of deportation is a reality that many immigrants in the United States live with everyday. Individuals targeted for deportation will go through a process that is in place. Being taken into custody may be a part of that process. To that end, there are detention centers located throughout the nation. A report recently released looked at a total of 105 of those facilities. Each night, the facilities house up to 34,000 immigrants. The report was pulled together by pro-immigrant advocacy groups-- Detention Watch Network and National Immigration Justice Center.

Visa Bulletin error impacts up to 50,000

For individuals waiting for a United States green card, checking the State Department’s website to see where they are in line is a routine activity. Since the wait for obtaining citizenship can be between 10 and 70 years, many of these individuals were likely happily surprised when early last month thousands of immigrants learned that they could file for the last part of the process. 

What you should know about the citizenship test

For many who come to the United States from other countries to live, their greatest desire is to become a U.S. citizen. While there are multiple steps that must be taken to get to that point, perhaps one of the most stressful for applicants is passing the citizenship test that most are required to take. But just what does that test entail?

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