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September 2015 Archives

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Woman faces deportation after incident at doctor office

There are very clear laws surrounding the sharing of information that patients provide to medical professionals. This sharing of information may play a role in whether or not deportation can be pursued against a woman. Maryland medical professionals and patients alike may want to consider the potential ramifications of handing over a false form of identification as seems to the case with one woman who was arrested at her doctor's office recently.

Immigration law concerning investor visa under fire

There are multiple pathways for immigrants to receive a green card, including a EB-5 visa, commonly known as an investor visa. This type of visa is an option for foreign investors who wish to come to Maryland or another state to build or develop industries and businesses here in the United States. While touted as a way to create jobs and develop certain areas, others are protesting the investor visa because they are concerned with current immigration law provisions and the jobs that are created as a result.

Deportation possible for teen sentenced in crime

There are many reasons immigration officials can and will pursue deportation of individuals. One common reason is if an individual in Maryland or another state has been found guilty of certain crimes, particularly violent felonies. For one teen sentenced for a violent crime, the possibility of deportation may be real, but the timeline may be unclear.

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